Upload Files

Files/PDFs can cause problems when uploaded incorrectly. Here are some tips to help make sure your files upload easier:

  1. Do not upload the biggest possible size
  • When uploading a PDF or image, pick the smallest size available. Not only will the upload be much faster, but that will help your documents be below the mandatory threshold the government gives for document size.
  1. Do not upload locked files - we can’t use them. Certifications are the most commonly locked file, since the government sends certifications as locked PDFs. Here are some options for unlocking a file before uploading it:
  • Unlock the file manually

    • Unlocking a file can be done by searching for the file in explorer, and right clicking on it

    • Unlocking a file can also be done in the command prompt

  • Create a duplicate file that is unlocked
    * Print the document
    * Scan the document back into your computer (the file will by default be unlocked)
    * Upload the scanned in version, which should be unlocked