Blood Borne Pathogen Program

The BBPP is required by OSHA for any project that includes an employee being exposed to blood or other potentially infectious material. Training for these employees is usually required alongside this plan, which gives the company’s chosen health care provider (CCHCP), project specific engineering and work practice controls, a list of personal protection equipment, specific info for the contractor’s SSHO, and a list of DFOWs that include a potential for employees to encounter PIM.

Choose CCHCP

The BBPP requires the information (name and address) of the chosen company’s health care provider. Select “Add New” to create a new health care provider.

Image of choose CCHCP

Select SSHO

The BBPP requires the name of the site safety & health officer assigned to the project. Select the drop down to select from a list of names. If you need to, you can select “Add New” at the bottom of the names list to Add New Employee to fill the spot. Once you have an employee selected, you can select “Edit” below their name to Upload Qualifications.

Image of Select SSHO

Engineering Controls and Work Practice Controls

Engineering controls and work practice controls are methods and procedures that will be taken to minimize exposure to BBPs. Enter all of the controls that will be implemented on the job site. Use “Add New” to create as many entries as needed.

Image of Engineering Controls

Required PPE

Personal protective equipment is critical to reducing exposure to BBPs. Using “Add New” to add as many rows as needed, list each item of PPE that will be required on the job site.

Employee Exposure Determination

The bottom section is used to determine the potential exposure of employees to potentially infectious materials. Each row filled out should represent an employee’s name, title, and the reason they could be exposed to PIM. You can add as many rows as needed.

Image of Employee Exposure Determination