Hazard Communication Plan

The HCP, or HazCom, is a plan that employers are required to provide if there is any chance of chemical dangers on their job site. The HazCom helps employers and employees identify hazardous chemicals and teaches the appropriate safety precautions.


There are two data entries for the HAZCOM plan. The Hazard Communication Program Manager is responsible for the execution of the HAZCOM plan itself as well as the materials that present the need for the HAZCOM plan. The Site Hazard Communication Manager ensures that all employees have received the proper training from the SHCM or someone similar, and fulfills other responsibilities listed in the plan. The qualifications of both employees can be added here to be used in the current plan and future plans the employees are in. See Upload Qualifications for more detail. You can add a new employee if the given list does not include the employee assigned to the position - see Add New Employee for information.

Image of HAZCOM data