Navigation Bar

A screenshot of the navigation menu is presented below.

The initial view of the navigation menu is a list of the documents by their names with + marks to show that the sections are hidden. The list of the names of the sections can be shown by clicking the + next to the document name you are interested in, or clicking on the document name itself.

Each section is edited separately and can be accessed by clicking on the name of the section in the list. Clicking on the section name will load it into the main workspace area to be edited as the active section.

The special items in the list, entitled “+ Add Section” and “+ Add Appendix”, are used to add a new section or appendix in that location respectively.

After adding a custom section, right clicking on the name in the navigation menu brings up a context menu with two options, “Change Name” and “Delete Section”. Change Name shows a popup allowing a change of the section name; while “Delete Section” will remove the custom section from the document.