Q: Does editing an AHA count as a new one (and thus against my total)?

A: No.

Q: How do I edit the contract number?

A: Contract numbers can only be changed by customer support, since they’re not meant to be changed. Contact customer support at 1-877-714-5001

Q: How do I change the order of the steps in an AHA?

A: You can change the order of steps in an AHA in the Steps, Tools, & Equipment page. Click, drag, and place the steps in the order you want them after selecting them.

Q: How do I edit an AHA’s title/job activity?

A: When creating a new AHA, you can decide the name and CSI code of the AHA. Once it has been generated, those can no longer be changed. To fix an error, contact customer support.

Q: How do I edit an AHA after I’ve generated it?

A: Viewing any document from the vault will give an option to edit it.

Q: How do I access a locked AHA pdf?

A: PDFs generated by Gadzoom are secured by default. To edit your document, find it in The Vault, click on the specific document you want to edit, and from there you can Edit or Duplicate. Note duplicating will create a new file that counts towards your document limit but editing will edit the original and not count as a new document. The administrator has the ability to lock a file in the vault. If this is the case, there will be a “lock” icon on the file in the vault. These documents can only be duplicated.

Q: How do I do electronic signatures?

A: Clicking on a document in the vault will bring up a number of options including signing the document. See Sign for more details.

Q: How much is the unlimited AHA subscription?

A: Here’s the pricing for all unlimited subscriptions:

  • Unlimited AHAs = $1695/Year
  • Unlimited Documents = $1495/Year
  • Unlimited Combo (Docs & AHAs) = $2695 (savings of $495)

***The unlimited plan is recommended if the volume of Documents will exceed 30 in a year’s time, and the volume of AHAs exceeds 100 in a year’s time.

Q: Is the 50 AHA allotment monthly or yearly?

A: Yearly.

Here’s the pricing of all Standard (limited quantity/year) subscriptions:

  • Standard AHAs = $588/Year (1 year, Limit 50 AHAs)
  • Standard Documents = $468/Year (1 year, Limit 10 Plans)
  • Standard Combo (1 year, Limit 50 AHAs & 10 Docs) = $936 (savings of $120)