Corporate Exposure Data

Here you can input specific form information which will be used as appropriate throughout your documents. Enter your contractor’s EMR and RIR, as well as other statistics used in the 2008 EM 285. Also enter OSHA 300 form data.

2008 EM 385

The 2008 EM 385 requires EMR/RIR information, as well as lost work days and reporting year. Since the 2008 version is still accepted depending on the project, entering your information here will enable auto-populating of this information when you create AHAs based on the 2008 EM 385.

OSHA Forms

The 2014 EM 385 uses the OSHA 300 forms to get data on workplace accidents. This section allows you to input the number of incidents reported on your OSHA 300 forms and the reporting year, and then upload the forms themselves for verification.